The Good and Not So Good Dining in Mammoth

Mammoth Brewery – GOOD
Mammoth Brewery

My first stop after checking into my Airbnb. No matter where I go, I have to drink the local beer. I love the beer flight here, there’s a choice of 7 for $9. It’s basically paying for each taster ($1.50) and getting a free non-alcoholic root beer. I gave away my root beer drink because I’m not a fan of root beer.

Shelter Distillery – GOOD

A must! When waiting for a table at 53 Kitchen, I walked around The Village and found Shelter Distillery (although I had bookmarked it previously on Yelp). Shelter Distillery has beer, spirits, and cocktails. You can get flights of their beer and spirits for a very reasonable price. You can choose from 6 of their 8 spirits to taste for only $12! I tried a range of spirits, from gin to whiskey to vodka. All were pretty good but my friends’ favorite was the whiskey rose. Wow, never heard of that before so it was unique to us and we really enjoyed tasting it.

53 Kitchen – NOT SO GOOD

Honestly, I’d say our dinner at 53 Kitchen was not so good. In fact, it was our least favorite place during our entire trip. I even got made fun of by my friends for bringing them here. My friend and I both got the short rib ($30) and when I turned to the right to my friend, his piece was twice as big as mine! Not fair. Did they think we wouldn’t notice the difference? Overall, the food was just average at best and I really do not recommend coming here for dinner but maybe would be great for drinks and happy hour.

Black Velvet Coffee – GOOD

Another MUST! A great place to get your coffee fix! The ambiance and service both made my experience to Black Velvet Coffee a memorable one. They have coffees ranging from lattes to Kyoto style cold brew. There is something for all coffee lovers there. I got the vanilla latte (basic, I know) but it was so good, I quickly drank it all.

Black Doubt Brewery – GOOD

I do really like breweries, enough to have Black Doubt Brewery for breakfast. Black Doubt Brewery was pretty crowded when I went. Again, I got the flight ($8 for 4 tasters) to try what they had to offer. Although they got our order incorrect, at least we got to try all of their IPAs. Our favorite was the Double IPA, forgot what it was called. Not a fan of their Hazy IPA though (the one we didn’t want but got anyway). The blonde beer I got was interesting to me but I probably won’t be able to drink a whole pint of it.

Mammoth Tavern – NOT SO GOOD

Another not so great place. Mammoth Tavern isn’t a great place to have a big party as the restaurant can only hold a small number of people. Their happy hour is decently priced but the food was not that great. I got the grilled cheese sandwich ($11), spinach artichoke jalapeno dip ($4), and a beer ($3), all on happy hour. My other friends were going to meet up afterward but I told them not to come because there weren’t going to be enough room for all of us and also since we are Asian, it seemed like we were served last, even though we were there first. Our server did not serve us or pay any attention to us, instead, he went to every other table beside ours to take their orders and be attentive to their needs.

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