Steps to Purchasing Tomorrowland Tickets

So you want to go to Tomorrowland and don’t know where to start? Here is a guide of how I got to enjoy Tomorrowland 2014!


Disclaimer: I’m unsure of how it all works nowadays. If things changed from 2014 until now, then I’m sorry I provided old information and tips.

Step 1: Register for the ticket sale. Have all of your friends register, even your friends that aren’t going register. Make sure you register a Tomorrowland Account during pre-registration, they DO close the registration, so make sure you do this ASAP! You won’t be able to register if you miss the pre-registration!

*The first 20 people that register from your country has the opportunity to get the guaranteed tickets (Good luck to the people in the USA!)

Step 2: Look at all of your options and determine which is best for you. Make sure you figure out how many people are going with you, how much you’re planning to spend (your budget), how you would like to be accommodated (hotel/hostel? camping? glamping?), and how would you like to spend your time traveling in Europe. All of these things are necessary to consider before any of the tickets and packages goes on sale.

You can choose to purchase a festival ticket OR go on the Global Journey. Global Journey packages are more expensive but they have accommodations such as plane/train/bus tickets, hotels, etc. Make sure to look at their website to see which packages they offer and if they are within your budget. Global Journey is a more likely way for you to get to Tomorrowland, as every package INCLUDES a Tomorrowland Ticket. If you do not wish to get the Global Journey packages or miss it and they sold out, your only option will be to purchase the Tomorrowland festival only tickets.

I was lucky enough to be included with a pretty big group full of friends of friends so we had a total of 10 people (and then some). We were trying to go straight for the Dreamville Friendship Camping, which is an area designated for only group camping (10 people in each spot).

Personally, I would REALLY recommend Dreamville camping because it’s where I met a majority of new international friends and it’s very convenient to be able to walk back and forth to the campsite to freshen up. I really did enjoy Dreamville Friendship Camping because it was a lot more organized than the regular Magnificent Greens (where you pick your own spot to pitch your tent). It seemed like there was a lot of people getting their tents and campsites trashed, broken into, and peed on with the regular one. It just really looked like a huge clusterfuck, tbh. If you do opt-in for this, make sure to choose your spot wisely (away from any walkways).

Step 3: Create your battle plan and know when the Tomorrowland ticket sale date is. After you confirm how many people are interested in going with you to Tomorrowland, decide which package or tickets you want to go for and make sure you set a reminder for the dates that it goes on sale. Be at your computer at LEAST 10 minutes prior to the ticket release time (I was sitting on standby at least an hour ahead of time but you don’t need to do this). I believe ticket sales start at the beginning of February (at least that’s when mine was).

Make sure you have a credit card with a high enough credit limit to purchase your package or tickets. Also, notify your bank if needed, that you will be purchasing something out of the country and they do not block the sale.

Step 4: Gather all of your friends. Increase your chances of getting Tomorrowland tickets, as it’s almost like winning the lottery (except you have to give money instead of getting money). You need to increase your chances by opening many different browsers (Chrome and Firefox are recommended) on your computer and having as many people help you purchase tickets as possible. We had all 10 of us plus other friends help us buy tickets. Everybody was on a 10-way phone call so we were able to update everybody on real-time who got in.

Every second counts! Make sure you are using a fast internet connection (nosmartphoness!) and you could increase your chances by going on multiple devices (other computers and laptops). My friends went for the Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi since we wanted to be extra careful and secure.

Step 5: Once someone gets in, make sure all of the information is inputted correctly. Once you’re in, be as concise and quick as possible. After the sale is confirmed, CONGRATULATIONS!! you can celebrate and then start planning for your trip to Tomorrowland. If you do not get a ticket, there are several of other options you can do – buy from a third party, go on the unofficial ticket exchange, or wait to try again next year! I would not recommend the first two as there is a possibility you could get scammed but if you’re desperate, I guess give it a shot? Be careful though!

Tomorrowland was a pretty life changing event and I was glad to be a part of the journey and experience. More about my experience in a later post! Stay tuned!


Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery.

Have questions? Leave them down below in the comment box.

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