Splash House

Every year, there is a music event in Palm Springs, California called Splash House. The event takes place on a weekend in June and August for two days (Saturday and Sunday). Splash House is hosted between The Saguaro, The Riveria, and The Renaissance. To get from place to place you need to take a shuttle, which is included in your ticket. On Friday night, there is a pre-party at the Air Museum nearby.

Last year, I didn’t stay at one of the three hotels that were one of the stops for Splash House, however, I would recommend it (maybe next time). I stayed at Stardust Hotel near the Saguaro Hotel. It was cheap and good enough for what we needed it for. My friends and I got a 1 bedroom with 2 queens for about ~$300 total for 2 nights. It was decent but there were bugs EVERYWHERE, so you get what you pay for.

On Saturday morning we headed to get brunch in downtown. You can assume that every brunch place will have a MASSIVE line. We ended up at Pinocchio In The Desert and it was SO HOT that it was unbearable. The service was really bad and we waited about 45 minutes – 1 hour for our food. We ordered a burrito and a waffle, it shouldn’t have taken that long. The food was also mediocre at best, I would not recommend it. The only thing that brought everyone swarming to Pinocchio In the Desert is their bottomless mimosas for only $5! It was honestly too hot for us to drink and be okay with it so we opted out of it.


After our disappointing brunch, we headed over to Great Shakes to get some shakes, where I got a Blueberry Hill (Blueberry, Lemon, Lavender). Make sure you check in on Yelp to get $1 off! There are many milkshakes to choose from so there’s bound to be one that you like.


After we were fed and happy, it was time to get to Splash House and groove to some music. One thing you should expect when going to Splash house is the SEA of people that you will be among. There are all sorts of things in the pool that you aren’t aware of. We found empty beer cans, stilettos, pads, etc. Pretty disgusting if you ask me, so do not put your head down in the pool or drink any of the pool water.


There are nearby bars where you can get your drink on. Mainly the reason why you want to get one of the rooms affiliated with Splash House is because you can go back to your room, refresh, and come back down to dance the day away again. My friend was hunting down one of these slushy drinks all day and we finally found them at The Saguaro.



If you decide to get into the pool, which is difficult not to since it’s over 100 degrees, they have floaties available! No lifeguards on duty so try not to drown. If you had a little too much to drink, try to go on the shallow end. It would be embarrassing otherwise.

Pro tip: Invest in one of the waterproof bags to store your phone in. Those are a lifesaver because you really don’t have anywhere to put your phone and money that is safe from thieves.


Splash House ends when the sun sets which is pretty early if you are still in the mood to party. My friends and I ended up heading back to our hotel at around 8 PM and got food instead. Keep in mind that in Palm Springs, everything closes super early. We made a to-go order at Smoke Tree BBQ to be picked up and my friend made it just in time before they closed at 9 PM. We got the family platter #2 (1 Rack Baby Back Ribs, 1 lb. Brisket, 1 lb. Pork, 2 Links, 1 lg. BBQ Beans, 1 lg. Greens, 1 lg. Okra) which was supposed to feed 4-6 people (there were only 4 of us) for $79.  I highly recommend eating here for lunch or dinner.

We decided 1 day was enough for us so we left on Sunday after brunch. From a recommendation from a co-worker, we headed over to The Tropicale. We were one of the first people here since it opens at 11 AM. At The Tropicale, you will get your daily dose of grumpy old people and complimentary coffee cake to start your day. A dish that was recommended here was the chicken and waffles. The chicken was dry and the waffles were nothing special. It is your typical, bland white people food. I would not recommend The Tropicale to have brunch, however, I heard their dinner is better. Who knows?


After Splash House, we were on our way back home. We stopped by Cabazon to shop and rest. Well, there you have it! My experience at Splash House August 2017. Although Splash House was fun, I think it’s something I would only like to experience once in a lifetime.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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