Mouthful of Air + Style

I had the opportunity to hang out at Air + Style this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. Air + Style is a two-day festival for skate, snowboard, music, art, and food hosted by Shaun White, the Olympic gold medalist. Tickets run for about $80-90 one day and $180 for the weekend. When it was closer to the date, there were tickets sold on Groupon for about half the price.

Although I was unable to go for both days, I was finally able to experience it on Sunday since the annual event first started in 2014. Here’s a recap of my day:

From Orange County, we left at around 3 PM and grabbed a bite on the way at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. We got the half chicken with mac and cheese and french fries. Also got fried pickles as an appetizer. The employees at Gus’s are SO NICE!


After picking up the fried chicken and eating it in the car, we were on our way to Exposition Park in Los Angeles. We drove around to look for parking in the neighborhood but we had no luck. Parking was $25 per car, ouch.

Pro tip: Do not will call your tickets for this event if you can help it. You will be in line for 1 hour!



When you first enter, you are greeted with a few sponsors, one of which is Clif Bar. They were giving out baked Clif Bars! It smelled really nice with the blueberries. After getting our bars, we moved onto other things. There are a LOT of food stalls available to find food. Of course, the food is at festival pricing. Along with food booths, there are food trucks. Some of which are prominent in Los Angeles and Orange County, such as Ridges and Kogi.

In the alcohol department, there weren’t that many interesting choices. You can choose from shots of Smirnoff ($12), Don Julio ($14) and High West ($12). That will be three shots of Don Julio, please.


There were 2 sides, Winter and Summer, where each side lies either the Winter Stage or the Summer Stage at the end of it. The atmosphere felt like a chill beach event with a lot of space to roam around. Although the venue was small, there were a few things I found to occupy my time.


I was mostly there for the music and the snowboarding. I mainly wanted to just see Phantogram and Phoenix but sadly, I wasn’t able to stay that long to catch Phoenix. I also got to catch Tinashe, Washed Out, Griz and Gucci Mane. Tinashe wasn’t a very good performer, in my honest opinion. Washed Out was pretty good, this is the music I like. Griz was too trashy but I do enjoy the live saxophone. Last but not least, Gucci Mane… which I thought was just a bunch of mumbling. It sounded like he put his music in the background and tried to sing to it like how I would sing his song in the car. I wasn’t impressed.


Other than the music, we went around to the booths to see what they were about. Every booth either had some freebies or some merchandise for purchase. There were some cool things you could do such as try to throw a cap on a bear for a free insulated water bottle or create your own tote bag.

Snowboarding & Skating

This year, there wasn’t big air which was lame. It was more of a skate style/freestyle type thing which I feel like you can just go to a skate park and watch. The area was so cramped that it was hindering their abilities and skill because I know the snowboarders are capable of so much more.



Art was happening all over the place at Air + Style. Artists were spray painting murals on walls and even cars. It made the place a lot livelier and we can appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. After all, earth without art is ‘eh’.

Overall, Air + Style is a nice event to have a feel for a little bit of everything. However, it feels a bit disorganized and I hope they step up their game if they would like to continue on with the event.

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