Places I Avoided in Tokyo, Japan

Prior to my trip to Japan, I spent an ample time researching the places that are popular and worth visiting in Tokyo. There were just so many places with such little time that I had to spend on my trip. I filtered out what I had no interest in and what are tourist traps. Here are a few spots I decided to avoid:

Robot Restaurant

With its bright lights and eccentric show, Robot Restaurant is an experience I decided to avoid due to its below-average food and expensive entrance fee. I have heard mixed reviews from those who have seen the show and I personally didn’t think it would be something I would enjoy. Maybe one day when I have the extra cash to spend.

Theme Cafes

Gundam Cafe

I have to admit, looking at photos of theme cafes online is pretty convincing and makes my eyes light up with interest. I usually find myself thinking, “WOW, that’s cool! I need to bookmark this so I can visit this later”.  The reality of it is, it’s just cool to look at but the food and drinks they serve are mediocre at best. Not only is the food tasteless and bad, it is also very pricey because it is required that each person must purchase an overpriced item. After all, you are paying to be there. They are mainly huge tourist traps and are only visited for its novelty.  Some of these theme cafes are based on anime or video games, and would only interest those that are HUGE fans.

Not to knock all theme cafes, but maybe I haven’t found one that I feel is really worth visiting.

Animal Cafes 

Although animal cafes could be a great concept, in actuality, it is disheartening and purely for the amusement of humans. At these cafes, whether it be owls, hedgehogs, rabbits or cats, have too many animals confined in a small space. This could cause animals such as rabbits to develop high stress. Causing the animals to live in unnatural environments while patrons constantly pet and disturb the animals is shameful. Owls are nocturnal, yet they are forced to stay awake so people can hold or take pictures with them. Not only that, they are chained to their posts. I saved myself the heartbreak and refrained from stepping foot into one of these cafes.


Roppongi is one of the areas in Tokyo for a night out. However, I have seen on many websites to avoid Roppongi unless you like to be bothered by Nigerians and their street touting. There is an abundance of them and will constantly hassle you to go to the clubs or bars that have overpriced cover charges, empty, and expensive. If you don’t, they will follow you and be aggressive towards you. I would never wish to put myself in this situation so I chose not to visit Roppongi during the night time. However, I am opened to the idea of visiting Roppongi during the daytime as there is a Mori Art Museum that I would like to check out.


Animals in Japan seem to be mistreated at the zoos, whether it be Ueno Zoo or Tokyo Zoo. Ueno Zoo is poorly maintained with small enclosures for animals. Tokyo Zoo’s animals are assumed to be very unhealthy. It was stated by many people’s experiences that animals are depressed, stressed and malnourished at all of the zoos in Japan. I skipped visiting zoos because this is not something I would want to pay money to see.

Tsukiji Fish Market

I am not a morning person. So if you were to tell me to get up at 5 AM to look at fresh fish, I would first give you a side eye look and respond, “I don’t think so”. There is no way, no how you will get me out of bed for that. The Tsukiji Fish Market is where the fish business happens and where restaurants can get their fish of the day specials. It is not exactly tourist friendly unless standing in line for a few hours to eat sushi for breakfast sounds like a great idea to you.

This is subject to my own opinions and findings. If these places sound like fun to you, then by all means. Just don’t have your expectations too high and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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