The Best Hiking Trails of Sedona, Arizona

Arizona is the hotter, more humid neighbor of California. With it being the next state over the drive should only take about 6 hours. Besides the excruciating hot temperature, Arizona is well known for the Grand Canyon. But Arizona has so much more to offer, one of which is Sedona, only an hour’s drive from Phoenix.


Sedona is a desert town with beautiful red rocks that surround the area. I wandered into this stunning area while I visiting a friend. During my time here, I only had the time to hike two trails, Devil’s Bridge and Cathedral Rock. If you only have about a day to spend in Sedona, I highly suggest choosing these two because you will see the most impeccable views and a little of everything that Sedona has to give.

Before You GoPack a Sandwich

Make sure you pack a lot of water and some food in case you get hungry! My friends and I packed sandwiches, snacks, and a ton of water, enough for each person. Nothing is worse than being unprepared, dehydrated and hungry.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

To get to Devil’s Bridge you will first follow Vultree Arch and find the Devil’s Bridge Trail Head. As you walk from the parking lot, you will follow flat dirt land with slight elevation.

It will then turn into a rocky trail which will get a little steeper as you hike along.

You will need to start climbing up steps but it is not difficult to climb.

The journey is more fun than the destination, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the majestic red rocks and the beautiful green trees.

Be sure to stop and take many landscape shots! Here is a shot of my friends with 4 different layers of nature: red clay dirt, luscious green trees and bushes, red rock mountains, and cloudy blue skies.

So radiant and breathtaking!

Don’t look down if you have a fear of heights!

Finally, after a moderate 1-mile hike, you will reach the Devil’s Bridge! 

Jump for joy! You made it! The view is so worth it when you get there. Be careful when you are on top of the bridge! Make sure to walk slowly and let others pass. There have been reports of times when people have slipped and fell off to their death.

After you’ve taken all the photos of your destination, you have to turn around, retrace your steps and take the same trail you came from. In total, it is about a 2-mile roundtrip hike.

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail is more difficult than the Devil’s Bridge Trail due to the rise in  elevation, where you may have to use both your hands and legs to climb up. I am all about the low risk, high reward hikes but Cathedral Rock is one of my favorite hikes due to the fun climb up.


Look for the trailhead sign and the Cathedral Rock that sits directly behind it.

Walk towards it until there is no longer dirt beneath your feet.

You will have to soon climb up the rock. There are signs and piles of rock to tell you that you are headed in the right direction.


The higher you ascend, the more you will see the ground below.

After you reach the top or decide it’s time to turn back, the trail down is pretty steep so take your time going down and enjoy the scenery while you descend.

Be careful, there are cacti along the trail so try not to follow or roll into them.


At the bottom of the trail, catch your breath while you sit and meditate or watch the vibrant sunset over the red and orange sandstone rock formations of Sedona, Arizona.


Breathe in the beauty, breathe out the ugly.


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