Bang: Potent Brain and Body Fuel

There is a new energy drink craze that targets frequent gym goers with the advertisement of “Super Creatine”, “Ultra COQ10”, and BCAA Aminos. What does all of this mean? I am not quite sure, but Creatine aids your muscle cells to produce higher amounts of energy when performing high-intensity physical activities.  From the limited research I did, the amount of creatine it has in the drink is too little to even have any effect on your body.

In any case, aside from its somewhat false marketing, what I am really after is the taste. Unlike the other energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull, I have tried 12 flavors so far and am excited about the different limited flavors that come out from time to time. Here is my current power ranking:

Rainbow Unicorn

The “Rainbow” flavor is typically associated with bursts of sweet, fruity, the same appeal to Skittles, Fruit Loops, and Fruity Pebbles. Rainbow Unicorn is nothing short of that. It is a mix between Sprite and fruity flavors. Different people have different takes on what the flavor could be. Others proposed that it tastes like strawberry dragonfruit. Great flavor nonetheless. I enjoyed this more than I thought, this is one of my top favorite flavors.

Blue Razz

To be honest, I am not a fan of Blue Raspberry flavors (looking at you Icee Blue Raspberry), because it is usually super sweet and leaves your lips and tongue blue (nothing screams out child more than blue candy). However, I think the Bang Blue Razz flavor figured it out, I’m a fan now. Blue Razz is has a subtle raspberry taste, rather than a heavy, overpowering blue raspberry taste like Jolly Ranchers. This was actually my favorite flavor until I had been blessed by Rainbow Unicorn.

Peach Mango

Peach and mango are two of my favorite fruit flavors when it comes to drinks, so how fitting that Bang decides to put these two flavors together. As expected, Peach Mango is a fruity flavor and a delicious combination as well. You can really taste the presence of both peach and mango but the peach flavor is more in the foreground whereas the mango is in the background.

Power Punch


Power Punch tastes exactly how it should be, a combination of  apple, pineapple, pear, and grape flavors, all packed to punch your taste buds. If you like punch, you will love this flavor. It resembles a Gatorade or Minute Maid Punch flavor so much that you will question if it’s not real fruit juice.

Purple Guava Pear

As you pop open the Purple Guava Pear can, you smell the sweet scent of a pear. Not quite sure how the combination of guava and pear should taste but this works deliciously! There are subtle hints of artificial pear and guava in the background but the main spotlight is the crisp, refreshing, tart pixie dust flavor. A top flavor to try.

Black Cherry Vanilla

The best way to describe Black Cherry Vanilla is a cross between cherry coke without the excessive sweetness from the high fructose corn syrup and vanilla coke. I am not a fan of vanilla in my drinks and Black Cherry Vanilla only has a very slight taste of vanilla, perfect for me.

Star Blast


Remember those Firecracker popsicles you ate as a kid? Star Blast reminds me of that. It is on the sweeter side of the other flavors I’ve had but pretty solid nonetheless. My brother, however, disagrees. He thinks it tastes like cough syrup so it can be a hit or miss depending on your taste buds.

Georgia Peach Sweet Tea

Again, peach is one of my favorite fruit flavors when it comes to drinks, so Georgia Peach Sweet Tea works for me. Here, the peach flavoring is strong and is married by the sweet tea. I am not quite of a fan of the sweet tea flavor as it is has a strange aftertaste.

Sour Heads


If you are a fan of puckering your face and sucking on limes and lemons, Sour Heads Imagine if the warhead candy was a drink, If you are a fan of puckering your face and sucking on limes and lemons, Sour Heads is going to be your go to. Many would describe Sour Heads as similar to sour gummy worms, my brother thinks it tastes like the green airhead. To me, I did not enjoy this flavor as it is too sour and not the good kind of sour. The aftertaste was funky and reminds me of Lime Away cleaner.

Lemon Drop


Lemon Drop is my first ever flavor of Bang and I am surprised that I continued to want to try other flavors of Bang after having this one. The first sip I thought it was okay but as I continued to drink it, I felt like I was drinking a can of Lysol lemon cleaner flavor. If you like lemon flavoring, I would suggest the Lemon Drop Sweet Tea as that is a better flavor than the original Lemon Drop. My brother thought it tastes like lemon-lime soda but it most definitely doesn’t compare to a Sprite or 7-up.

Purple Haze

Yuck, Purple Haze is tied for my least favorite flavor. It tastes like grape cough medicine, Purple Robitussin, a wine that’s aged poorly. I may be a little biased since I am not a fan of artificial grape flavor but real grapes? I’m cool with it. It isn’t for me, it’s for fans of grape flavored anything.


What’s your favorite flavor of Bang to work out, study, party, or stay awake? I’d love to know your opinion! Please leave a comment below.

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