Is the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to Die For?

Not to that extreme.

Many of you have heard the news that there was a fatality over the Popeyes chicken sandwich, if not, Google it.

I had the Popeyes chicken sandwich on two separate occasions. The first time was on Sunday, the official release of the permanent menu item of the chicken sandwich and the second time was on Tuesday during the Popeyes Tuesday 2-piece special.

The verdict?

Short answer: It’s good!

Long answer: It really depends on the Popeyes you go to.

On Sunday, it was 2-3 hour lines! Fortunately, we found a way around it by ordering online and having it delivered. When I finally got it within my possession, the hype was real y’all! 🔥

The chicken was hot, crispy, flakey, and juicy, meanwhile the bun was buttery and not too soft or too hard. I was on board with everyone that says Popeyes chicken sandwich is bigger and better than Chik-fil-a, and it helped that it is a better value for $3.99.

I enjoyed it so much, I had to get another one. And so I waited 1 day until it was Tuesday. And sadly, this time around, it wasn’t the same. The wait at the Santa Fe Springs location was only 15 minutes, go figure. Should’ve known that was a red flag already because the chicken sandwiches tasted pre-made and just waiting under a heat lamp.

Good things come to those who wait. In this case, delicious Popeyes chicken sandwiches will be had if you wait at a busy Popeyes location. Why? Because that means they are making it fresh to try to catch up to its demand (Economics 101 people!).

In conclusion, if you thought the chicken sandwich was “whatever” you probably didn’t have a fresh batch.


And don’t get killed out there for a sandwich.

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