OC Fair 2019 Recap

Wow, I haven’t been to OC Fair in so long! The last time I remembered was when there was a threat of OC Fair ceasing to exist, fortunately, it is here to stay!

Not much has changed but it is surely a much different experience when you are an adult versus when you were an adolescent. The main contributor to this difference? Money! You now have money to spend on all the food and everything that may tickle your fancy.

Many people in Orange County, California gather at the OC Fair & Event Center every year during mid-July for a month until mid-August to attend the OC Fair. Not everyone has the same agenda and the OC Fair caters to everyone’s main objectives. There is a lot to do at the fair and may include, but are not limited to, drooling from all of the fried food, thrilling over carnival rides, eyeing enormous plush doll prizes, enjoying entertainment shows, seeing the farm animals, and SO much more!
I attended the OC Fair on Saturday of the last weekend the OC Fair is opened. I loved my experience because I felt a sense of community, oddly enough. Everyone that I encountered, whether it be employees or other fairgoers, was super friendly, I did not encounter any issues for the venue or the people. Having partners and friends to split food with is key to a good time.


Tip: There is free parking at OCC (right across the street from Green Gate) on the weekends!


Food is a great motivator for people to go anywhere. As long as there’s tasty food, people will come!
The term “fair food” consists of all the things bad for your health: fried, greasy, and enormous portions. Every year there are new food items invented that many fairgoers feast on. I typically like to go in bigger groups so I can sample many things, rather than getting full on 1 item.
Here are a few items I tried this year:

Papi’s Puffy Tacos

New to the OC Fair 2019! One of the better things we got at the fair because the puffy tacos had pretty good flavor. Two tacos will set you back $11.76, with your choice of meat. We got 1 Asada and 1 Al Pastor. You can see the taco shells fried in front of you. As you bite into the taco, the taco shell gives you a crunchy texture while the meat and pico de gallo give you a fresh and savory flavor. The two together are a perfect combination of a taco.

Pignotti’s Pasta

Lasagna nachos! The inventiveness is there. However, they sounded better than what it actually was: tortilla chips, marinara sauce, ricotta cheese and they ran out of parsley. Sadness. $14.


I would skip the Lasagna Nachos and try one of their other food items like the fried ravioli on a stick or spaghetti donuts.

Tasti Burgers


Pictured is the Green Acres Fire Burger which is supposed to be an “all-natural Harris Ranch beef, ghost-pepper cheese, lettuce, jalapeños, spicy mayo and avocado on a potato knot bun”. However, it was not really spicy. Not bad, but nothing special. $12

Chicken Charlie’s

Known for their ridiculous fair food creations that are intended to stop hearts. Our pick? The Triple Decker Cheeseburger, which is a triple cheeseburger sandwiched between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts. The verdict? Hard pass. They do not go well together and both of them tasted very separate. The patty was obviously a low quality, frozen one. $10.99

Dippin’ Dots


With the tagline, “Ice cream of the future”, I always have to get Dippin’ Dots every time I see it. I don’t know what it is but it is always good, anytime and anywhere! At the fair, there are multiple flavors, this time I got Moose Tracks. For a small, expect to be spending a little over $5.



Oh man, for big appetites, stop by Juicys! Here, you can get a footlog hotdog or corn dog. These are “Texas-sized” portions that are not only big in size but also big in flavor. Delicious hot dog that did not disappoint and is literally the size of your arm.

Fresh Frys


The Blooming Onion is a staple as far as fair food goes. The Blooming Onion is essentially an onion cut into a flower-shape and then deep-fried. You can get the fried onion by itself, starting at $9.28 or with toppings such as cheese, chili, and more fries for an additional cost.


Not a fan of onions? There are other items such as fresh frys, ranch frys, cheese frys, monkey frys, chili cheese frys, garlic parmesan frys, deep-fried green beans, and chicken tenders available.


Brisket Mac ‘n’ Cheese Sandwich
To end our night, we got the Brisket Mac ‘n’ Cheese Sandwich, which we were surprised by how tasty the meat and the ingredients went well together. Meats are supposedly smoked for 8-10 hours. $12.76

Other Options

There is an abundance of food stalls and food areas to find unique dishes you can try. Here are a few others to note:


Eat all of the bacon to your heart’s content! One of the newest food item for 2019 is the bacon pupusas, which is a Salvadoran dish made of masa and cheese.


Australian Battered Potatoes

Love potatoes? Get a whole bucket of it here! Top it off with your favorite sauce, cheese, sour cream, or ADD BACON!



Churros, lemonade, and funnel cakes. Any of those sound good to you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! You can start with a regular churro or a basic powdered sugar funnel cake and then get creative by adding on different toppings and flavors such as whipped cream, strawberries, Nutella, or Oreos. Change the batter to red velvet or try their newest Nilla wafer banana creme flavor!



Wash down all of the fair food with an old fashion lemonade!



Feeling that adrenaline rush? There is a whole area full of rides you can hop on for a spin. Most fair rides often try to make you end up throwing up, but that’s what makes it fun … right?!

For those like me and aren’t adrenaline junkies, there are other rides such as the ski lift ride and Ferris wheels that are more family fun. You can oversee the fair lights and view everything from a bird’s eye view.


Test your skills at these rigged carnival games and convince your significant other to win you an enormous stuffed animal to show everyone how loved you are. In my honest opinion, a big waste of money and space but hey, if that’s your thing, go for it!


There are several shows that are scheduled throughout the fair day. One of which is the comedy hypnotist, Mark Yuzuik. Whether or not you are a believer, it is surely entertaining to watch. I have seen the show several times and still have fun watching it every time. Other entertainers include dancers and martial artists.


Interact and pet farm animals at the fair! When there is a fair, there will be animals. Although they may smell, it is fascinating to see a cow in real life. There is a petting zoo as well as demonstrations such as cow milking!


The fun doesn’t stop there! There are also pig races throughout the day. Yes, you heard that right. Pig races! They are cute little pigs that run laps around the track. Catch a show with your friends and have a little friendly bet amongst each other!



The fair is not just about animals and food, the competition is also fierce here! There is a contest for just about anything! From homebrewed beer to artworks, it is truly interesting to see the creativity of everyone in the community. There are also contests on who can grow the biggest vegetable as well as who can create the best looking cake or table setting. Walk around the promenade to get a glimpse of all of the winners!


The possibilities are endless! There are different promenades for your shopping needs, whether you’re looking for candy, hot sauce, household items, beds, etc there is something for you to sample or look at. My friend purchased some olive oil while I was shooting the shit with the ADT guys in the next booth, they were such awesome guys (shout out to Mike and Matt).

Feeling like you want to get a little loose? There are alcohol stands for you to get beers or cocktails such as margaritas. Feeling lucky? There is a CA Lottery stand where if you spend $20, you can spin the wheel to win more money!


Want to interact with butterflies? There is a tent area to take those Instagram photos with them.

The OC Fair is truly a fun experience if you go with the right people, you can spend a whole day there! I was only expecting to spend a few hours but ended up staying until almost closing time. In total, I was there for 7 hours and I felt like I could’ve been there longer!
There is just so much to see and do. I can’t wait until next year!


Tips for Coachella Music Festival

Coachella is just around the corner… actually it’s HERE for all you Weekend 1 festival goers! Here are just a few tips and reminders to make your experience a more pleasant one:

Besame Mucho

1. Stay hydrated!
Water is essential for life. Make sure you drink lots of it because the sun and the dancing can take a lot out of you. Bring a CamelBak or water bottles to fill up, there are several free water stations spread throughout the festival grounds.
Bonus: Tip a chill bartender and ask if you could fill your water pouch with ice (YMMV).


2. Be shady!
No, I don’t mean be untrustworthy, sneaky, or backstabbing. What I mean is bring a hat to shield yourself from the sun and sunglasses so you can see when it’s bright outside.

3. Keep your body temperature low
The temperature will increase during the peak hours, you can seek refuge and free air conditioning at the tents such as Heineken House (21+) or the Antarctic Dome. Also, bring your own fan or spray bottle to keep yourself from overheating, especially if you are day drinking.

4. Sunblock is your best friend
It gets hot in the desert (obviously) and you want to enjoy the weekend without burning and peeling of your skin because that’s not cute.

5. Bring a bandana to cover your mouth and face
Winds in the high desert can pick up an abundance of dust. Bring a bandana to cover your mouth and face from it, you don’t want to end up getting sick with black snot.

6. Wear comfortable shoes
You will be on your feet most of the time, dancing and walking from stage to stage. Make sure you wear shoes that you can walk all day in and don’t mind getting dirty.


7. Pack a blanket
The Polo Fields is an actual field (surprise!) and is great for a picnic or laying down on the grass. It is relaxing to sit down and gaze up at the clouds while your favorite music artist is playing live music in the background. This part was a highlight of my Coachella experience. Weekend 1 typically will have grass but come Weekend 2, there is only dirt. Regardless, having a blanket to set on the floor and claim as your little area is nice to have. You can lay down or sit with friends without having to worry about bugs and dirt.

8. Keep an eye on your belongings
Phone thieves are at large. Make sure you store everything safely and tightly. It is best to keep your items in your front pockets if you don’t have a fanny pack or a bag. You don’t want your stolen items to ruin your experience.

9. Locate the flush restrooms
One thing I hate about festivals is the dreadful porta potties. Luckily, there are actual restrooms on site with many stalls and flushable toilets. HALLELUJAH! The bathroom facility is next to the Do Lab.

10. Germs and hygiene are a real thing
Nothing is worse than getting sick. When there are a lot of people congregating together, it is inevitable for germs to spread rapidly. Bring wipes and hand sanitizers because it can and will get dirty out there, especially if you are using the porta potties and sitting on the ground.


11.Set a meetup spot and time stamp your texts
If you lose your friends or part ways, set meeting spots and times to catch up with them later. The reception will be spotty so make sure you time stamp your texts when checking where they are.

12. Purchase a battery pack and a cellphone charger
Your phone will drain battery life quickly with all of the photo taking and video recording. Make sure you have back up battery juice to meet up with friends and post your photos on Instagram (if you can get reception). If you don’t have a power bank, purchase one, it is a good investment. There are also outlets placed throughout the festival for you to recharge your electronics, but make sure you bring your wire.

13. Don’t forget to recharge
Often times you can get carried away at events that you forget to eat. This is important to keep yourself from fainting and feeling weak. Remember, Coachella is a marathon, not a sprint. Plus, the food at Coachella is actually pretty tasty (shout out to Crab Fries!).


14. Let yourself be flexible
Don’t get too caught up with your schedules on who you want to see that you end up missing things that are happening around you. There are small surprises (such as special guests) that are sprinkled throughout the festival.

15. Be mindful of others
If you see someone in trouble, help get medical attention. After all, we are all human and we should look out for one another.
16. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and GET HOME SAFELY!


Anime Expo (AX) 2018 Recap

Every year in California, all of the weebs, cosplayers, and anime enthusiasts gather together at the Los Angeles Convention Center on the first weekend of July for the largest anime convention, Anime Expo (AX for short). Even those who have never seen an anime before will still have an enjoyable time and be able to recognize some characters people cosplay as.


I was never a huge anime nerd but I did watch some of the older ones such as Kenshin, Death Note, Sailormoon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Not only do people dress up as anime characters but also other well-known characters from movies and TV shows such as Power Rangers, Storm Trooper, and Marvel characters.

Death Note at Anime Expo 2018

This year, Anime Expo 2018 was not my first AX, my first Anime Expo I attended was in 2009, so almost a decade! Not much has changed in regards to the setup and the format of AX. There are still a bunch of panels that you can check out, merchandise you can buy at the Exhibit Hall, entertainment you can watch, and pictures you can take with the cosplayers.

The Exhibit Hall is where companies can showcase their new and exciting products. This is a large marketplace for stores to sell their products to consumers and get them excited for what is currently trending and coming soon.

Exhibit Hall at Anime Expo 2018

The Exhibit Hall is not only limited to consumer goods, but also a marketing and promotion area where you can snag some free goodies. There are also many things that these stands and booths in the Exhibit Hall put on display. Some things you can also interact with!


Alongside the Exhibit Hall is the Artist Alley where visitors can admire the artwork of local artists. The walk space between one booth to the other is narrower than the Exhibit Hall so it can get really congested. Here, you can buy anything ranging from pins and stickers to posters and paintings.


Cosplaying is a huge part of the Anime Expo experience. Many cosplayers make their own outfit, which can normally take up to a year to put together. The dedication of some people is astounding. Although it is fun to take photos with cosplayers, it is also another experience to dress up yourself. If you have the opportunity, I would highly suggest it!

Main Hall at Anime Expo

To find a majority of cosplayers head straight to the Main Hall. This is where most people gather to take photos of people and with people at Anime Expo. Be sure to ask nicely before you start snapping photos like a creep, compliment them, and say your thank yous!



Make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time, as they are cheaper the further you are away from the event date. Tickets are available now! You can buy a 4-day weekend pass or 1-day passes. Either way, don’t miss out on the next Anime Expo!

Tomorrowland Experience

It’s been 4 years since I embarked on my incredible journey to Tomorrowland. It was an amazing experience that I never truly got to share with everyone! Since Tomorrowland 2018 is right around the corner, what better time is there to share that than now? Hopefully, I could shine some last minute light on what to expect for the festival goers and help those that couldn’t snag tickets this year imagine what it’s like to embark on this journey to the Holy Grail of festivals.

Camping at Dreamville


Gather up your crew and pitch a tent at DreamVille. This is the best way to make new friends with other people from all around the world.

There are different accommodations available in DreamVille suitable for all budgets, group sizes, and packing needs. There are packages anywhere from Magnificent Greens, where you need to bring your own tent and sleeping bags, to the Cabana and Mansion Packages that come equipped with beds and shelter.

My friends and I were lucky enough to score a Friendship Garden Package which consists of a reserved camping area large enough for 10 people with 10 wristband tickets. This would be the best option to camp together and be a little more secluded from the Magnificent Greens since it was a clusterfuck there.

At the Friendship Garden, they have secluded bathrooms where the toilet paper is always stocked and the porta potties are cleaned multiple times of the day. There are showers but you do need to pay for them! Don’t worry about food, there is a marketplace where you can buy your necessities with tokens as well as ready to eat food.

You are able to leave Tomorrowland whenever you like to go back to the campsite when you are tired and need to replenish your energy. But be warned that it is a pretty long walk from the entrance to camping! Sometimes they leave bikes around for you to take from place to place.

Pre-party at DreamVille

Being in DreamVille, you are allowed to start your party on Thursday with “The Gathering” which is only available with a camping wristband. The Gathering was a lot of fun and it gets you pumped up for what’s to come!

Go crazy, go wild, go out of your mind! But not too crazy that you can’t attend the rest of the festival.


Make Friends with Your Neighbors and Everyone Around You

After my crew and I got settled in, pitched our tents, and relaxed for a bit, we were ready to start our long, fun day ahead of us. Remember to not be too consumed with your plans, and let the magic of Tomorrowland take you on a spontaneous ride. Make friends and talk to everybody you can, they are generally really welcoming and can surprise you. We made friends with our Belgium neighbors and hung out with them during one of the days at Tomorrowland! The campsite on the other side of us are from London and ’til this day I still keep in touch with them. Tomorrowland is a great place to make connections and start new friendships.


Represent Your Country


Bring your flag and rep it proudly! It’s awesome taking a look around and seeing where everyone is from. The world may seem like an enormous place but at Tomorrowland, it felt like it’s a small world, after all. (Maybe Sherman Brothers were right all along.) You also instantly click with those from the United States of America since you have a common similarity!

Although I repped being American and Californian, I have learned that people respond better to being a Californian rather than an American (I don’t blame them). They are also great conversation starters and it’s so funny to see what the world thinks of where you are from. From everyone that approached me, they refer to America as “McDonalds” and “cheeseburgers”, whereas California is known for “Los Angeles” and “Hollywood”.

Make Memories and Take Photographs


Remember to take a lot of photos, after all, it is a once in a lifetime experience! You will be so glad that there are photos and memories to look back on! Remember to embrace everything around you and enjoy the moment.

Do Not Let the Weather Ruin Your Fun


Remember to dance in the rain! During our time at Tomorrowland, it rained on and off! The booths gave out free ponchos to protect you from the rain so you can keep on dancing!

The sun doesn’t really set in Boom, Belgium until basically 11 PM and at night it is FREEZING cold. Make sure to pack for every type of weather.

Admire the Art, Details, and Surprises

The backgrounds for each stage changes every day! It’s amazing and so beautiful the work they put into making Tomorrowland so magical. The sets that you may be looking for will not be the same the next day. It is so fun to see what surprises they bring. At first, I was so confused until I realized what was going on. The presentation and attention to detail at Tomorrowland is top notch. There are also many surprises embedded in the program and lineup, as well.

Other Miscellaneous Information


At the end of the night, Tomorrowland is TRASHED. But everything is lit up so magically. Remember to pick up after yourself! After all, there is just one Earth and we need to take care of it as much as we can.

Be mindful of your belongings! Do not be too carried away with your fun that you are not looking after your stuff. Even though there are good people out there, there are also bad people to balance out the good. Lock up important things (such as your passport) and other items when you don’t need it. Someone from our group had his backpack slashed at the top and bottom, losing his camera and other items.

Bring a lock if you are camping to lock up your tents because there are thieves that go around when people are at Tomorrowland to see what they can get their hands on.

Have questions about Tomorrowland and my experience? Don’t be shy! Leave them in the comments below.


Vans Warped Tour: The Final Farewell

Growing up, I listened to bands such as Blink 182, AFI, Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41 (we can go all day) religiously on Winamp while I locked myself in my room chatting on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). I remember burning CDs, making playlists for my friends, and discovering new bands on Myspace.

I also remember my first Warped Tour like it was just yesterday. I was still in my teenage years going to local shows to support small bands. While most kids my age were spending money on food, I had to save my lunch money in order to afford concert tickets. Warped Tour was no different. I collected tickets like hoarders collecting used floss. Making memories and seeing my favorite bands live in front of me was what pumped blood into my veins. Like an addict, I lived for the thrill, for experiences.

My first Warped Tour was filled with a few firsts, while it was very fun, it was also really hot. I only had 2 goals, one was to crowd surf and the other was to be in a mosh pit. Since I was young with no responsibilities, I went prior to the start time. I recalled being in the excruciatingly long line we had to stand in before being able to walk through the gates to Warped Tour.

Remember the 2 items I had on my bucket list? I checked them both off my list! I crowd surfed during Forever the Sickest Kids and got pretty quick to the front and carried out by security guards. My friend crowd surfed right behind me. It was a memory I will never forget. Since I am a smaller stature, being in a rowdy mosh pit can be a little dangerous. My friend that is as petite as I, decided to enter a mosh pit for a Skaa band. We needed something tamer, but it was still a fun and funny experience inside the circle.

Anyway, enough about my 10-year old memories. Here is a recap of my Warped Tour 2018 experience, tips, and highlights for those who are going to later dates!

Tips and Information

First things first, got my Vans on but they look like sneakers!  Put your Vans on! After all, it is called Vans Warped Tour and emo kids wear Vans. Make sure to break them in since Vans aren’t very comfortable when they are brand new. Otherwise, just wear comfortable shoes because you have a long day ahead of you!

Vans on for Vans Warped Tour!

It is no surprise that Warped Tour is during the Summertime, so it’s going to be HOT HOT HEAT! Make sure you bring water and sunblock! You are allowed to bring a water bottle into Warped Tour, so find the biggest bottle available. Water inside is priced at $4 each, beer is $11-15, and soda is $5 for a small can.

Make sure you wear sunblock and apply it regularly or you will end up like this guy! People tend to go to Warped Tour from the time it opens to when it closes so stay protected! Bring a hat and sunglasses as well.

Put on sunblock!

Food is a necessity and there are food trucks to satisfy your hunger. Keep in mind that the prices are inflated so try to eat as much as you can prior to entering to save some money. But by all means, eat when you need to!


Warped Tour takes it back old school style by not posting any set times online before the day of. It is a tradition to run to the inflatable schedule to see when and where each band is playing.

Infamous inflatable schedule

Warped Tour 101

1. Buy merch and support your bands!

Don’t forget to grab your merch! If you specifically like a band, you can go to their individual booth to get a shirt or other apparel, CDs (and get it signed by them) and other items. Since it is the last Warped Tour, I just had to buy the 2018 Warped Tour shirt to keep a little piece of my teenage years with me. It is definitely a bittersweet experience.


2. Meet and Greet with Your Favorite Artists

At Warped Tour, there are rows of booths set up to meet and greet with bands. This year, Simple Plan had their own canopy and the line for their signing was the longest I’ve ever seen. You know you’re old when Simple Plan all look like grown dads with kids (and they probably are!).


One thing that sets Warped Tour apart from other festivals is that you are able to meet  your favorite bands, get them to autograph your stuff, and take photos with them. This is one of the things I admire most about rock music and bands. You don’t really see other artists from other genres do this with their fans (ahem DJs).

I took a photo with Senses Fail, I could hardly recognize them anymore! This Warped Tour felt like a reunion rather than a farewell due to the maturity of the crowds. It felt like everyone was feeling nostalgic and felt more like a high school reunion to see how everyone has grown.

Senses Fail at Warped Tour

3. Admire the art that surrounds you

Art and music go hand and hand. Not only is the community so appreciative, it is also very compassionate. There are several organizations or groups of people to care about other things such as animals (PETA) and suicide prevention (To Write Love on Her Arms).


5. Rock out to some dope music

Well, what else are you at Warped Tour for? To listen to some amazing talent and live music of course! Sing your heart out and recite those lyrics engrained your memory forever. I sang all of the songs to Simple Plan, The Used, etc. And sometimes bands like Mayday Parade will do fun things such as cover the song “The Rock Show” by Blink 182.

The Maine


Despite it being called “emo”, the community is very welcoming and friendly. Everyone is out to have a good time and people actually do look after each other here. You can easily talk to people and make friends throughout your day. Just take the initiative and be respectful of others and the same respect will be reciprocated!

Hear a song you like? Dance! There are a handful of pop-punk bands where you can dance and sing along to!



Mouthful of Air + Style

I had the opportunity to hang out at Air + Style this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. Air + Style is a two-day festival for skate, snowboard, music, art, and food hosted by Shaun White, the Olympic gold medalist. Tickets run for about $80-90 one day and $180 for the weekend. When it was closer to the date, there were tickets sold on Groupon for about half the price.

Although I was unable to go for both days, I was finally able to experience it on Sunday since the annual event first started in 2014. Here’s a recap of my day:

From Orange County, we left at around 3 PM and grabbed a bite on the way at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. We got the half chicken with mac and cheese and french fries. Also got fried pickles as an appetizer. The employees at Gus’s are SO NICE!


After picking up the fried chicken and eating it in the car, we were on our way to Exposition Park in Los Angeles. We drove around to look for parking in the neighborhood but we had no luck. Parking was $25 per car, ouch.

Pro tip: Do not will call your tickets for this event if you can help it. You will be in line for 1 hour!



When you first enter, you are greeted with a few sponsors, one of which is Clif Bar. They were giving out baked Clif Bars! It smelled really nice with the blueberries. After getting our bars, we moved onto other things. There are a LOT of food stalls available to find food. Of course, the food is at festival pricing. Along with food booths, there are food trucks. Some of which are prominent in Los Angeles and Orange County, such as Ridges and Kogi.

In the alcohol department, there weren’t that many interesting choices. You can choose from shots of Smirnoff ($12), Don Julio ($14) and High West ($12). That will be three shots of Don Julio, please.


There were 2 sides, Winter and Summer, where each side lies either the Winter Stage or the Summer Stage at the end of it. The atmosphere felt like a chill beach event with a lot of space to roam around. Although the venue was small, there were a few things I found to occupy my time.


I was mostly there for the music and the snowboarding. I mainly wanted to just see Phantogram and Phoenix but sadly, I wasn’t able to stay that long to catch Phoenix. I also got to catch Tinashe, Washed Out, Griz and Gucci Mane. Tinashe wasn’t a very good performer, in my honest opinion. Washed Out was pretty good, this is the music I like. Griz was too trashy but I do enjoy the live saxophone. Last but not least, Gucci Mane… which I thought was just a bunch of mumbling. It sounded like he put his music in the background and tried to sing to it like how I would sing his song in the car. I wasn’t impressed.


Other than the music, we went around to the booths to see what they were about. Every booth either had some freebies or some merchandise for purchase. There were some cool things you could do such as try to throw a cap on a bear for a free insulated water bottle or create your own tote bag.

Snowboarding & Skating

This year, there wasn’t big air which was lame. It was more of a skate style/freestyle type thing which I feel like you can just go to a skate park and watch. The area was so cramped that it was hindering their abilities and skill because I know the snowboarders are capable of so much more.



Art was happening all over the place at Air + Style. Artists were spray painting murals on walls and even cars. It made the place a lot livelier and we can appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. After all, earth without art is ‘eh’.

Overall, Air + Style is a nice event to have a feel for a little bit of everything. However, it feels a bit disorganized and I hope they step up their game if they would like to continue on with the event.

Splash House

Every year, there is a music event in Palm Springs, California called Splash House. The event takes place on a weekend in June and August for two days (Saturday and Sunday). Splash House is hosted between The Saguaro, The Riveria, and The Renaissance. To get from place to place you need to take a shuttle, which is included in your ticket. On Friday night, there is a pre-party at the Air Museum nearby.

Last year, I didn’t stay at one of the three hotels that were one of the stops for Splash House, however, I would recommend it (maybe next time). I stayed at Stardust Hotel near the Saguaro Hotel. It was cheap and good enough for what we needed it for. My friends and I got a 1 bedroom with 2 queens for about ~$300 total for 2 nights. It was decent but there were bugs EVERYWHERE, so you get what you pay for.

On Saturday morning we headed to get brunch in downtown. You can assume that every brunch place will have a MASSIVE line. We ended up at Pinocchio In The Desert and it was SO HOT that it was unbearable. The service was really bad and we waited about 45 minutes – 1 hour for our food. We ordered a burrito and a waffle, it shouldn’t have taken that long. The food was also mediocre at best, I would not recommend it. The only thing that brought everyone swarming to Pinocchio In the Desert is their bottomless mimosas for only $5! It was honestly too hot for us to drink and be okay with it so we opted out of it.


After our disappointing brunch, we headed over to Great Shakes to get some shakes, where I got a Blueberry Hill (Blueberry, Lemon, Lavender). Make sure you check in on Yelp to get $1 off! There are many milkshakes to choose from so there’s bound to be one that you like.


After we were fed and happy, it was time to get to Splash House and groove to some music. One thing you should expect when going to Splash house is the SEA of people that you will be among. There are all sorts of things in the pool that you aren’t aware of. We found empty beer cans, stilettos, pads, etc. Pretty disgusting if you ask me, so do not put your head down in the pool or drink any of the pool water.


There are nearby bars where you can get your drink on. Mainly the reason why you want to get one of the rooms affiliated with Splash House is because you can go back to your room, refresh, and come back down to dance the day away again. My friend was hunting down one of these slushy drinks all day and we finally found them at The Saguaro.



If you decide to get into the pool, which is difficult not to since it’s over 100 degrees, they have floaties available! No lifeguards on duty so try not to drown. If you had a little too much to drink, try to go on the shallow end. It would be embarrassing otherwise.

Pro tip: Invest in one of the waterproof bags to store your phone in. Those are a lifesaver because you really don’t have anywhere to put your phone and money that is safe from thieves.


Splash House ends when the sun sets which is pretty early if you are still in the mood to party. My friends and I ended up heading back to our hotel at around 8 PM and got food instead. Keep in mind that in Palm Springs, everything closes super early. We made a to-go order at Smoke Tree BBQ to be picked up and my friend made it just in time before they closed at 9 PM. We got the family platter #2 (1 Rack Baby Back Ribs, 1 lb. Brisket, 1 lb. Pork, 2 Links, 1 lg. BBQ Beans, 1 lg. Greens, 1 lg. Okra) which was supposed to feed 4-6 people (there were only 4 of us) for $79.  I highly recommend eating here for lunch or dinner.

We decided 1 day was enough for us so we left on Sunday after brunch. From a recommendation from a co-worker, we headed over to The Tropicale. We were one of the first people here since it opens at 11 AM. At The Tropicale, you will get your daily dose of grumpy old people and complimentary coffee cake to start your day. A dish that was recommended here was the chicken and waffles. The chicken was dry and the waffles were nothing special. It is your typical, bland white people food. I would not recommend The Tropicale to have brunch, however, I heard their dinner is better. Who knows?


After Splash House, we were on our way back home. We stopped by Cabazon to shop and rest. Well, there you have it! My experience at Splash House August 2017. Although Splash House was fun, I think it’s something I would only like to experience once in a lifetime.

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