Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Alas, the time has come and the most anticipated event since the park opened its doors in 1955 has arrived! One of the biggest cult followings in today’s pop culture and has nerds screaming their hearts and dreams out with excitement.

Still don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about yet?

Well, it’s none other than …






Also lazily known as “Star Wars Land”

Doors to Happiness


There are strict terms to follow before this grand opening. Galaxy’s Edge allowed cast members to take the first peek at the new land but since the land has not officially opened, no pictures were allowed to be taken. Afterward, those with reservations until June 23rd are able to go in increments of 4 hours. Only those registered on the reservations are allowed to attend.

During the month of June reservations, if you don’t have an annual pass, guests are to cough up $150 for a 1 day, 1 park ticket. Thus, if you and one other person go, you are looking to spend $300 plus $25 for parking. That is just to get you inside the park. For food and merchandise, be prepared to spend a total of at least $500 for 2 people.

I made reservations for Galaxy’s Edge on Thursday, June 13th from 5:00 – 9:00 PM and thought this was a perfect time, seeing the best of both worlds, the land during the day and night.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Bonus: Take photos of the Millennium Falcon in the day with great natural lighting and at night with the lights turned on!

After June 24, 2019, reservations will no longer be needed and thus anyone with a Disneyland ticket can get inside without having any time restrictions.

Journey to Batuu

Since the reservations are at 5:00 PM and you are able to only check-in 2 hours prior, I spent the time prior to browsing other lands and going on other rides. During the month of June, Disney Parks are at a moderate level of busyness because people are anticipating the official opening of Galaxy’s Edge to visit the park.

Around 4:45 PM, I went to Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland and made a dash towards Hungry Bear restaurant for my 5:00 PM reservation time. I forgot it was on the other side of the park so the walk felt like a long journey to get to Batuu.


When you first enter through the Hungry Bear entrance, you will be first greeted by the Resistance Supply and some photo opportunities. My initial reaction was, “Is this it?”. I omitted these things and headed straight to the center where there are a few small shops called Merchant Row.


In Merchant Row, you will find shops with various knick-knacks such as: 

Toydarian Toymaker

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
Come collect cute plush dolls of your favorite characters and toys. The ones in my hands are priced at $19.99 each.

Creature Stall

Adopt and take home a pet creature like the ones in the movies. Some vibrate and move while the adorable Porgs can flap its wings and open and close its mouth!

Jewels of Bith

0607-2019-0502369789048399214.jpegMainly apparel and little trinkets such as pins, patches, magnets, and key chains.

Black Spire Outfitters

A clothing store with outfits and robes so you can fit right in with the people in Batuu.

Aside from the little merchant stands, there are other shops you can spend your “credits”: Ondar’s Antiques, First Order Cargo, and the aforementioned Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot.


Even if you don’t build a droid, you can take a peek at the 25,000 credit life-sized R2D2!


At the end of the Merchant Row’s walkway is a quick-service eatery, Ronto Roasters where you can order a Ronto Wrap for $14. This is deemed to be the best thing in the area but I feel as though it is overpriced for what it is, even for Disney prices.

Food in Batuu is at a higher price level than other lands inside of Disneyland. If you want to get the full experience then go ahead, go crazy and buy all of the foods but if you are on a budget, I’d suggest eating elsewhere. Besides Ronto Wrap, there is:

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo for a full meal,

Kat Saka’s Kettle for the special spicy and sweet popcorn

and the Milk Stand for blue and green milk.

Tip: For reservations dates, if you have a group of friends going, make sure to split up so a couple of friends run to Oga’s Cantina and the other 2 can get a reservation for a hand-built lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop.

During the beginning of the reservation, everyone SPRINTS to the Oga’s Cantina line to put their name on the list for a call back to get inside this exclusive club. This new waterhole is the first of its kind in Disneyland Park, aside from the ultra-exclusive Club 33. Oga’s Cantina is the only thing that fills up and closes any additional reservations. In this case, you snooze, you lose.

Also for the lightsabers, only a certain amount of Jedis are able to design and build their own lightsaber. Once it fills up, it fills up and you will need to come back another time and spend your $100 at that time.

Since I was too slow, I was unable to get into Oga’s Cantina, build a lightsaber, and create a droid at Droid Depot. Thus, leaving me to only be able to walk around and go on the ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. With only so much I was able to do left, four hours seemed more than enough.

However, when there are no longer reservations needed, I would assume you would be able to do Oga’s Catina and build a lightsaber easily.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run can be up to a 60-minute wait initially, but wait a little while and the queue will start to dwindle down to a mere 25-minute wait.

My thoughts of the ride are that it is pretty cool and the best way to describe it is to think “interactive Star Tours”. In the beginning, you are given a brief instruction on what to do and then you are given the role of a pilot, gunner, or engineer. The best role would be a pilot because you steer the ship and have the most interactive part, so try to be that if you can! The gunner will shoot and the engineer is supposed to fix the mistakes of the pilot and gunner.

The ride is a little difficult to enjoy what is in front of you because you will be so focused on the buttons next to you and what you need to press. After all, you don’t want to let your crew down!

The Land of Batuu


The amount of time and effort Disney put into Galaxy’s Edge is shown through the details and experience guests get when visiting the land. Everywhere you look there are things to remind you that you are on another planet. The landscape and views are works of a masterpiece and out of this world. Just take a look around you and notice the various props you might have seen in the movies.

Wandering around and immersing into the land of Batuu, I cannot imagine how crowded it will be once the land is opened to everyone. The walkway through Merchant Row and through the center of everything will be too crowded to fully enjoy the experience, I’d imagine.


I thought there were going to be interactive things you can do, aside from downloading the app, in addition to the Star Wars character interactions. When I was there for the whole reservation time, I only saw Rey, Stormtroopers, and Chewbacca roaming around.

May the Force be with you!

Orange County Study Spots

As I am studying for my certification, I am constantly in search of a place to rest my book and occasionally form study groups. Beyond your Starbucks, there are several other great places in Orange County for students studying for classes or to further their education. It’s difficult to decide whether or not a place is fit for you until you actually arrive and scope the place out.

Fortunately, I have already done the hard part for you and here are a few places I would suggest you check out:


Huntington Beach Public Library

Best things about libraries are that they’re free, a place where silence is golden, the library is the choice to hit the books and study. There are many areas of seating based on how you best study and what you are trying to accomplish. There are divided sections where you can eat, group study, and areas where it is ultimate quietness.

Volume Level: Low, it is a library

Seating: Very easy to find as there are multiple seating arrangements available. There are study carrel desks for independent, no distraction study as well as open desks for group study


Contra Coffee & Tea 

Coffee shop near Chapman University with a variety of coffees and teas on tap. Great place to get good drinks, however, there are no outlets available and the Wi-Fi is extremely slow and spotty. It would be ideal if you went old school and studied with a textbook, notebook, and pen.

Volume Level: Medium

Seating: Pretty limited as there is a community seating area in the middle with pairs of desks facing each other.


Phin Smith

A busy Vietnamese cafe located on Main Street of Garden Grove with delicious, high-quality and highly caffeinated coffee drinks brewed to fuel your study sessions. A shop you would not mind staying at for long hours at a time, but cannot because there is no food available to rejuvenate your energy. The customer service is top notch, as the baristas are welcoming and ensure you have a phenomenal experience.

Volume Level: Medium to Loud

Seating: Plenty of tables and outlets, however, it can get pretty packed during the afternoons and weekends


O.C. Mix 

Located in Costa Mesa, it is strange that I would recommend a shopping center as a study spot. However, O.C. Mix is a space with retailers, such as eateries, boutiques, and cafes. Portola, a seriously good coffee roaster, has several open tables and seating outside for you to enjoy your cup of coffee. There are also tables sprinkled throughout the building to rest your legs, eat, and study. Charge your laptops prior to coming because there are no outlets available to plug your computers.

Volume Level: Medium to Loud

Seating: Abundance of tables but can get really crowded


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) is similar to Starbucks by the layout of their coffee shops. The offerings are similar but CBTL, in my opinion, is less basic, better tasting, and less crowded. This makes CBTL a better contender to get work done without too much of a distraction if you were to go to a bigger coffee shop chain.

Volume Level: Medium to Loud

Seating: A few tables and chairs with a few outlets available


Old Quarter Coffee 

A new coffee shop in Garden Grove that serves as an excellent study spot. Old Quarter Coffee has a peaceful atmosphere (sometimes with questionable music choices), great seating, outlets at every table, free Wi-Fi, and FREE PRINTING!

Volume Level: Low to Medium

Seating: Plentiful, although lately there seems to be a lot of odd characters that come here



With chairs and tables filling up the entire space, Milksud is a fine contender for a decent study spot. This drink shop specializes in unique draft coffee and tea. For whatever your social needs, the table, and chairs are designed as a lounge to catch up with friends, play board games, enjoy your beverage, and study.

Situated in a plaza, parking is easy to find and the shop is not extremely crowded or loud.

Volume Level: Medium

Seating: The tables for group study are limited, but the individual study seats along the perimeter are plentiful.

Disclaimer: This place might be closing soon.


Know any awesome study spots? Leave them in the comments below!


Road Trip to Las Vegas

It’s about the journey, not the destination.
If you are like me, you appreciate a good road trip. Although you could cut your time by 3/4th through flying, the fun is in the journey and the experience. Flying sometimes becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth due to security checks, lines, and waiting at the airport. It makes me want to throw everything into the trunk, take off, and feel the wind breeze in my hair. When you have time to spare and a driver, consider taking the car rather than a plane. It is a cheaper route of travel and you can just sit back relax.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination for those who are living in the neighboring state California. From Orange County, it should take about 4 hours on a good day. With Friday traffic, it could take a lot longer (almost double the time), sometimes you get a little restless and want to get out to stretch your feet and some fresh air. Here are a few interesting roadside attractions that you can stop at on your way to Sin City:

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

24266 National Trails Hwy, Oro Grande, CA 92368

Free to visit and serves as a great stop on the historic Route 66 on the way to Vegas, Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a unique art display made with recyclables.

Sometimes Elmer, the owner, will come out and talk to guests and tell them the history of items and how the Bottle Tree Ranch became to be. Be sure to say hi!

Barstow Station

1611 E Main St, Barstow, CA 92311

A popular rest stop for travelers on the I-15.


As soon as the Greyhound buses, tour buses, and minivans park their vehicles, the doors begin to open, and floods of people make their way to the bathrooms and eateries to replenish their energy.


Barstow Station, designed like a train station, serves as a stop for the hungry tourists with several fast food options available, McDonald’s, Panda Express, Subway, Wetzel’s Pretzels, and eateries. There are several of tourist shops with trinkets, candy, clothing items, souvenirs, novelty, and liquor store items as well to take a break from the road.

Peggy Sue’s 50 Diner

35654 Yermo Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

Signs plastered everywhere on the billboards on the way to Las Vegas, it is no surprise that Peggy Sue’s Diner is popular, watch out for the crowd! A 50’s themed American roadside diner serving American cuisine such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, and milkshakes, giving you a different experience than your average fast-food drive thru.


Peggy Sue’s Diner serves as both a food stop and a road trip attraction. There is also a dinosaur display in the back, perfect for kids and the young at heart!

Calico Ghost Town

36600 Ghost Town Rd, Yermo, CA 92398


Calico Ghost Town is a historic Western-themed mining town catered to kids and the cowboy enthusiasts. It is a true Ghost Town since no one actually visits but remnants of history that occurred in this area still remains. You pay when you enter through to the frontier with your vehicle to park.
Admission Fee: $8 per person.
Another good stop for the kids and to walk around to stretch your legs.

Eddie’s World

36017 Calico Rd, Yermo, CA 92398

A clean quick stop for everything you need. Drinks, ice cream, snacks, candy, and food. There’s an abundance of clean bathrooms, making it a comfortable rest area to rejuvenate.


Alien Fresh Jerky

72242 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309

Alien Jerky

Beef jerky is a great road trip snack. You can get it on a quick stop in Baker at Alien Fresh Jerky. Alien Fresh Jerky plays on the gimmick that the beef jerky is actually made from “aliens”, which led them to great success. It used to be a small shack and grew due to its popularity, the store got a makeover by sprucing up their exterior, making it a pleasant road trip attraction. Alien Fresh Jerky is outer space-themed, selling novelty items based on aliens.

Alien Jerky

Inside, they sell chamoy flavored candy, nuts, hot sauces, novelty items, and of course, beef jerky. There are over 10 different types of beef jerky flavors to choose from.

My favorite is the Colon Cleanser, which is the spiciest beef jerky they carried. However, when I visited, it was nowhere to be found , except in Filet Mignon, which costs more.

Smokey’s Jerky

56383 Mojave Pointe Rd, Baker, CA 92309

Smokey's Beef Jerky

Smokey’s Jerky is Western themed with the logo of their store being a man with a pipe. I noticed the sign for Beef Jerky to Smokey’s on my drive to Alien Jerky.

Since Alien Jerky did not have my Colon Cleanser and the prices increased, I decided to check out Smokey’s instead. There are samples available and I got to try most of the flavors I was interested in.

Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky

I walked out with Ghost Pepper which is spicy but still tasty. I would recommend stopping by Smokey’s Jerky since it is a tad cheaper than Alien Jerky with different flavors and chilis.

Seven Magic Mountains

S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054


Colorful stacked rocks that you can see from afar before entering into Las Vegas territory. Seven Magic Mountains is a public art display, perfect for those Instagram photos. The parking and admission are free and is just a small walk on a rocky pathway from the parking lot.

Please respect the art and leave no trash behind to allow future visitors to enjoy them as well.

Happy Roadtripping!

Places I Avoided in Tokyo, Japan

Prior to my trip to Japan, I spent an ample time researching the places that are popular and worth visiting in Tokyo. There were just so many places with such little time that I had to spend on my trip. I filtered out what I had no interest in and what are tourist traps. Here are a few spots I decided to avoid:

Robot Restaurant

With its bright lights and eccentric show, Robot Restaurant is an experience I decided to avoid due to its below-average food and expensive entrance fee. I have heard mixed reviews from those who have seen the show and I personally didn’t think it would be something I would enjoy. Maybe one day when I have the extra cash to spend.

Theme Cafes

Gundam Cafe

I have to admit, looking at photos of theme cafes online is pretty convincing and makes my eyes light up with interest. I usually find myself thinking, “WOW, that’s cool! I need to bookmark this so I can visit this later”.  The reality of it is, it’s just cool to look at but the food and drinks they serve are mediocre at best. Not only is the food tasteless and bad, it is also very pricey because it is required that each person must purchase an overpriced item. After all, you are paying to be there. They are mainly huge tourist traps and are only visited for its novelty.  Some of these theme cafes are based on anime or video games, and would only interest those that are HUGE fans.

Not to knock all theme cafes, but maybe I haven’t found one that I feel is really worth visiting.

Animal Cafes 

Although animal cafes could be a great concept, in actuality, it is disheartening and purely for the amusement of humans. At these cafes, whether it be owls, hedgehogs, rabbits or cats, have too many animals confined in a small space. This could cause animals such as rabbits to develop high stress. Causing the animals to live in unnatural environments while patrons constantly pet and disturb the animals is shameful. Owls are nocturnal, yet they are forced to stay awake so people can hold or take pictures with them. Not only that, they are chained to their posts. I saved myself the heartbreak and refrained from stepping foot into one of these cafes.


Roppongi is one of the areas in Tokyo for a night out. However, I have seen on many websites to avoid Roppongi unless you like to be bothered by Nigerians and their street touting. There is an abundance of them and will constantly hassle you to go to the clubs or bars that have overpriced cover charges, empty, and expensive. If you don’t, they will follow you and be aggressive towards you. I would never wish to put myself in this situation so I chose not to visit Roppongi during the night time. However, I am opened to the idea of visiting Roppongi during the daytime as there is a Mori Art Museum that I would like to check out.


Animals in Japan seem to be mistreated at the zoos, whether it be Ueno Zoo or Tokyo Zoo. Ueno Zoo is poorly maintained with small enclosures for animals. Tokyo Zoo’s animals are assumed to be very unhealthy. It was stated by many people’s experiences that animals are depressed, stressed and malnourished at all of the zoos in Japan. I skipped visiting zoos because this is not something I would want to pay money to see.

Tsukiji Fish Market

I am not a morning person. So if you were to tell me to get up at 5 AM to look at fresh fish, I would first give you a side eye look and respond, “I don’t think so”. There is no way, no how you will get me out of bed for that. The Tsukiji Fish Market is where the fish business happens and where restaurants can get their fish of the day specials. It is not exactly tourist friendly unless standing in line for a few hours to eat sushi for breakfast sounds like a great idea to you.

This is subject to my own opinions and findings. If these places sound like fun to you, then by all means. Just don’t have your expectations too high and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Get Weird in Portland, Oregon

You can feel the Portland vibe as soon as you take a look around you. Everyone has their own ways of presenting themselves and their own way of doing things. When I landed in PDX and walked out of the airport, I inhaled my first breath of fresh air. With Portland having a million trees, it may be one of the freshest breath of air you’ve ever had, if you’re coming from smog city, Los Angeles. Next, you’ll soon notice that people here are not caught up to the newest fashion trends, or have any sense of fashion at all. The way to best describe it would probably be “Hot Topic” fashion.

Places to See and Do

Admire Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oregon and the most popular natural attraction. You can view the waterfall from the parking lot or you can hike up to the bridge and view it from the top down. This place is CROWDED and packed with tourists, you might have trouble finding parking. Multnomah Falls is about 40 minutes from downtown so you would need a car to get there.

James Woodhill Park at Rocky Butte


Opened from 5 AM to midnight, this is a nice romantic place to view the city lights below.

Go Shopping at the Nike Factory Outlet

I came to Portland with the impression that the outlet stores will have major discounts but when I dropped by here, I was pretty disappointed. The prices were the same as any other Nike Outlet stores I’ve been to, the only positive thing is that there is no sales tax!

Ride the Brewcycle


Portland, Oregon has the largest brewery scene of any city in the world. With so many breweries and microbreweries, it is difficult to choose which ones you want to go to. I went on the Brewcycle, which is a fun way to tour the breweries and have means of transportation from place to place without the worry of driving. We went the Old Town route and had a great time, our guide was more than pleasant. All of the breweries we went to were fantastic. My favorite was Fat Head‘s Brewery where I got to try the Honey Blueberry Ale.

Go Brewery Hopping


If you love beer as much as I do, Portland would be beer heaven. One of the more popular breweries is Deschutes Brewery. I remember picking up a 6-pack at my local Bevmo that was brewed by Deschutes Brewery, so it was cool to actually be visiting it. In Pearl District, there is an abundance of breweries that you should check out. A couple of them are Hopworks Urban Brewery, Rogue Distillery and Public House, Cascade Brewing Barrel House, and Upright Brewing just to name a few. There are breweries spread out all over Portland, it’s just a matter of which district you would like to visit and brewery hop in.

Stop by Vista House at Crown Point


After your hike, make a stop to Vista House to catch a beautiful view of the Columbia River Gorge. There are restrooms here!

Hike to Wanchella Falls

If you’re anything like me, low risk, high reward hikes are my sort of thing. I will not hike 10 miles just to see a waterfall that I can hike 1 mile to see elsewhere. As you can guess, Wanchella falls is a short and easy hike (about 22 minutes) with a waterfall awaiting at the end. Best of all, nobody is around to bother you!

Forest Park

As the name should already describe it, Forest Park is a very LARGE and GREEN park filled with trees. Portland has a reputation for having trees all over and this park is no different from that. There is an abundance of hiking trails you can do but I thought the most interesting ones are Ridge Trail, Witch’s Castle and Wildwood Trail (which should be hiked in different parts).

Smell the Roses at the International Rose Test Garden


Portland is full of nature, it’s no surprise here. Aside from the trees and the waterfalls that Portland has to offer, Portland also contains a lot of roses. In fact, one of the nicknames is the “City of Roses”. Close to Forest Park, this garden is full of rose bushes you can walk around during the bloom months. It is free to the public and best of all, free admission. Worth checking out! I was amazed by how many roses and different varieties there are.What a site to see! After all, you should stop and smell the roses.

Lan Su Chinese Garden and Portland Japanese Garden

It doesn’t just stop at International Rose Test Garden for all of the gardens in Portland. No, there is a handful of them but they are not free admission. Lan Su Chinese Garden and Portland Japanese Garden are both near the International Rose Test Garden and cost $10 and $15 per adult respectively. If you are a student, there is a reduced student admission price.

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

School your friends in video games or play retro arcade games. Reminisce your days of growing up with pinball machines and throwback 70s-90s games. Do what you were not able to do as a child and knock back a few drinks while challenging your friends, as Ground Kontrol is a barcade.

Strip Clubs

Alongside breweries, Portland is known to have a crazy amount of strip clubs, the most per capita in the great country of the U.S. of A. It is arguably said that Portland even has the best strip clubs in America. There is literally a strip club for any types of people. Next door to Voodoo Donuts, I stumbled into Kit Kat Club. It wasn’t like anything that you normally see in Las Vegas or the like. They actually have a lot of talent and strength. It was more like a show than a sleazy strip club with perverted men. There are some strip clubs that you can have a steak dinner inside, such as Acropolis Club.

Places to Eat

Portland Oregon


The Waffle Window

Looking for a quick breakfast? Do you like waffles? Head over to The Waffle Window where you can choose savory or sweet options. Daily specials are also available aside from their main menu. There is indoor seating available or you can take your waffles to go. Opens at 8 AM daily.

Pine State Biscuits

If you don’t like waffles, maybe biscuits are more your thing. Pine State Biscuit is one of the popular breakfast joints in Portland, so expect to be waiting in a long line. They are serving up fluffy biscuits and gravy at 7 AM daily.

Screen Door

Very, very busy restaurant! I had this place on my itinerary but we were unable to wait for a table here. Word on the street is, this place has some BOMB chicken and waffles!

Blue Star Donuts

If you eat donuts for breakfast, head on over to Blue Star Donuts to get artisan flavored donuts. Aside from the famous Voodoo Donuts, Blue Star Donuts is a Portland native that has made its way to Los Angeles and has multiple locations. Blueberry Bourbon Basil is one of the most interesting and popular donuts they have. If that doesn’t sound appetizing to you, there is a good variety for you to choose from. Be expected to pay about $3 a donut though. I went a bit crazy the first time I came here and thought the donuts were just “okay”. But I think I chose the wrong flavors.

Tasty n Sons

Tasty n Sons, another cool and hip restaurant to get your day started. They also are serving up dinner as well, since they are opened for over 12 hours of the day. The Burmese Red Pork Stew seems to be a popular pick amongst patrons.

Lunch / Dinner

Pok Pok

If you haven’t heard of Pok Pok before, you haven’t done your research into the food scene of Portland. This Thai cuisine establishment was made popular through the fish sauce wings being “the best wings of Portland”. I had lunch here with my friends when I visited and we had quite a wait. Truthfully, we thought the only decent thing was the wings and even that, we thought was a bit too salty. Maybe we had it on an off day, maybe not but we weren’t too crazy for the food.

Pok Pok, another Portland native that tried to venture out to Los Angeles, unfortunately, did not translate well to the diners of Los Angeles and eventually closed.

Nong’s Food Cart

Food carts are all the rage in Portland. One of the more popular food carts is Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which is known for its Hainan chicken. There are multiple locations so it’s a greater chance that you will be nearby one to have for lunch. Also, check out neighboring food carts to get the food tasting tour experience.


Similar to the previous recommendation of Nong’s food cart, Cartlandia (8145 SE 82nd St.) is a place where food trucks meet. There is also a beer garden where you can sit and have a brew with the food you purchased. One of the interesting things there is the lobster mac and cheeseburger from Melt it! Aside from Cartlandia, there are a LOT of food carts to choose from in Portland. Check out this link for more.

Por Que No? Taqueria

I’m not sure how Mexican food tastes in Portland, but I would give Por Que No? Taqueria a try if I was craving some tacos. All taquerias should serve agua frescas and when they do, it’s a plus in my book. In addition to that, Por Que No? is serving up some tasty margaritas! There is also happy hour here from 3 – 6PM daily!

Bollywood Theater

Bollywood Theater first sounds like somewhere I can watch some Bollywood, but no it’s an Indian restaurant serving up Portland’s Indian burrito called “Paneer cheese Kati roll”. THAT looks amazing, along with their other dishes.

Podnah’s Pit BBQ

Get your Frito pie here at Podnah’s Pit BBQ! If you’ve never had real BBQ before, Podnah’s would be a good beginner but I was no rookie to BBQ so I thought Podnah’s is, unfortunately, skippable. My friends and I were running around town finding a place to sit down and eat dinner as soon as possible. Podnah’s was the only place we didn’t have to wait 1 hour to be seated. The service was great and the Frito pie was alright.



Great place to grab a burger and a beer. TILT has a fun mechanic theme with shop towels instead of paper napkins to save trees. Don’t leave without grabbing a slice of their delicious pies.

Little Big Burger

Little Big Burger is a chain burger joint with multiple locations in Portland. The burgers are a small size, about 2-3 bites worth, but they are BIG in flavor. In order to be full, I think I would need to eat 3 burgers worth. Good to try, pretty tasty but can get expensive. Little Big Burger reminds me of In-N-Out due to its very simple menu and similar pricing. However, one thing different is the cheese is pepper jack instead of American cheese. If I had to pick though, I’d choose In-N-Out burgers any day. The truffle fries, on the other hand, beats In-N-Out fries. Be sure to give Little Big Burger a try and remember to get the truffle fries with catsup and fry sauce.

Cruzroom Taco Lab

Infused vodka flights?! COUNT ME IN! Happy hour is available every day of the week except Sundays.


Get your sandwich fix here! Lardo is a solid place in Portland for you to enjoy your choice of meat between two slices of bread. Be sure to pair it with some dirty fries, as they are a hit here at Lardo.

Toro Bravo

If tacos aren’t your thing, maybe some Spanish cuisine is? If so, check out Toro Bravo for dinner as it is a tapas bar! Small place so seating is extremely limited. My friends and I tried to get a seat here for dinner but the wait was extremely long and we were extremely hungry so we decided Toro Bravo would maybe be best for another time.

Apizza Scholls

I have never met anyone that hated pizza, nor would I care to. At Apizza Scholls, you can build your own pizza or select one of the house pies they created. It is a New York style pizza joint with the best ingredients to make your pie a delicious one. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to share a pie with your friends.


Salt & Straw Ice Cream


Salt & Straw has been so widely popular that it began to open locations in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, still, a good place to try different flavors of ice cream.

Fifty Licks

If you want to go a different route for ice cream besides Salt & Straw, try Fifty Licks. This place has more of the original flavors as well as different, interesting flavors such as Lavender Mint Chip and Thai Rice!

Happy Hour

In my opinion, Portland lacks a nightlife unless you are into Strip Clubs, so your best bet to having a night out is just hanging out at the bars. Perhaps catch some late night happy hour specials while you’re at it. Here are some happy hours I’ve noted while planning my itinerary:

The Observatory

Happy hour is available here from 10 to close.

Slow Bar

Happy Hour is available here from 12 midnight to 2:30 AM

Victory Bar

Happy hour is available here from 5 – 6 PM (daily) as well as 11 PM-Midnight (Tu-Sat)

Mother’s Bistro and Bar

212 SW Stark St.

Happy Hour is available from 3 – 7 PM (Tu – Fri) with $3.95 plates when you purchase any beverage.

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